Brian Dahl

Brian Dahl

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Brian Dahl’s Story:

I am Theguywhodancesoncongress and my name is Brian Dahl. I dance at bars/nightclubs next to the DJ. I’m always dancing with Positive Vibes Only and Power Of Positivity. My intent is to get people to relax and allow themselves to dance freely and have fun!

I Started dancing at Congress with friends when I hit the legal age to go to bars but it wasn’t til about 2 maybe 3 years ago when I started to be a regularly a few nights a week when DJ Humphouse was djing and after a while I would be up on stage talking to him about how work/business was going. I would start dancing up on stage with him djing and when I was out and about town people started recognize ing me as Theguywhodancesoncongress. Humphouse and I thought I should run/dance with it. I changed my social media presents by changing my name and grabbing a lot of the social media handles with Theguywhodancesoncongress. Then whenever Humphouse or DJ BobReilly DJ’d I would be dancing on stage hyping/entertaining the crowd. I took simple steps to brand myself by making stickers with my hash tag and with my name. I passed those out when I danced...

I actually started dancing when I was a kid. The first time I remember dancing in front of people was when I was about 4 years old at the Scottsdale’s Fashion Square mall when a local group was playing back round music and I just started dancing in front of them. Another time was for a radio contest I believe I was around age 5 years old. My dad was driving me to school and we were listening to the radio and there was a contest you have to be caller 7 and be willing to do something in front of people and make blank amount of $. So my dad pull over to a 7/11 and he used their pay phone and they said to dance and have a hat out for tips. So I dance and people gave us money and end up winning a pizza party. Then in middle school I started to take ballet to improve my eye-hand-foot eye coordination for soccer.

The first hash tag I started with is #positivevibesonly (link to #PVO blog post). The reason I use Positive Vibes Only for my main logo and slogan is because there is too much negativity in the world. To me Positive Vibes Only reminds me that negativity won’t drag me down or be negative to others. It’s not saying I can’t have negative feelings but I don’t want to have that emotion that long. The other hash tag I use is #Powerofpositivity (link to #POP blog post). Why I picked Power of Positivity for my second logo and slogan. I believe there is so much power in being positive. I see positivity as a privilege and a super power. Through some of my experiences I have learn that I GET TO do stuff, not HAVE TO. Get to is a positive and have to is a negative. It’s my privilege to be positive or negative. So I pick to be positive. It’s the Power of Positivity.

I don’t usually talk about this that much but I’m now over 8 years sober. I wouldn’t change the past for a minute. I have met so many great people and have had so many great experiences, but it was the right decision for myself to stop drinking because probably if I kept on the same path I would have killed myself. I wasn’t truly happy. So 6 years ago I quit alcohol cold turkey. It wasn’t easy by any means. I had to stop hanging out with friends and going out to bars and parties for about 6 months to a year before I felt comfortable with myself. To be in control of not drinking and falling to peer pressure. I’m now out 3-4 nights a week dancing at bars/clubs. I now feel I have the mental power not to fall to the pressure, but I do take it a day at a time. What really has helped me is finding hobbies outside of drinking like reading, hiking, walking, working out, playing soccer, and Pokémon go. So know if you want to stop or feel like you need to stop drinking then you should stop or get help to stop. There are so many resources and people out there to help you stop if you want to. I BELIEVE IN MYSELF and I BELIEVE IN YOU.

I read a lot of self-help and business books. I don’t normally tell everyone this but I’m dyslexic. When I was little I didn’t like reading and I try everything to get out of it. I had to have tutors and extra help to learn reading. I even got tested for dyslexia, so I could get more help during collage. I made a decision about 8 years ago to read 60 books in one year because that’s what a e average CEO read plus it would put you in the top 3% of readers. I ended up with reading 63 book all self-help and business books. For me it was no easy feat because it takes me a lot longer to read than the normal person. I easily read over 10,000 hours that year. So know that if you really want something go for it. You and your mind can do amazing things. I BELIEVE IN YOU!

From reading I realize I needed to work on myself constantly and consistently. Here are a few habits I have been working on: understanding the other person’s point of view by actually listening and asking questions, being positive almost all of the time but allowing myself to go through the process of being negative/angry but for only a few minutes/seconds. I’m learning to keep moving and pivot when life throws me curveballs. I really hope I’m not the only person taking a look at their mental health and working on it.

I’m always interested to work with like minded people who are looking to grow their business/themselves. I’m currently have partnerships with Donutbar Tucson (@donutbartucson), Eegees (@eegees), Performance Lab (@perforancelab), and Cream Design & Print (@creamforever). I have also collaborated with Qmulative (@qmulative), Rudy Flores (@rudyf222), and Enegie Studio (@enegiestudio). If your looking to book me or collaborate email me at [email protected] or message me on Facebook or Instagram but messages might take longer to get back to you than email.

Where did you grow up? 

Tucson, Arizona

Tell us about your family 

Father Kevin Dahl, Mother Barbara Miller

Do you have pets, if yes, tell us about them ?

John Snow (Cat), Bella (Dog)

When did you know that you would be an artist ?

After I started Theguywhodancesoncongress

What is your favorite media to work with? 


What do you do when you’re not doing your art? 

Dancing, working out, pokemon go, hiking, working at a school

Tucson Gallery Artist Tyler Bentley

Tyler Bentley

Tyler Bentley 828 730 The Tucson Gallery
Tyler Bentley - Artist with Tucson Gallery
Tucson Gallery is Proud to Feature Local Artist Tyler Bentley


Tucson Gallery Podcast - Meet The Artist with Tyler Bentley
Tucson Gallery Podcast – Meet The Artist with Tyler Bentley

Tyler’s Story

My name is Tyler Bentley but my artist name I go by is New Hue. A play on words that means a new shade, a new color, a new HUEmanity one that extends beyond race, religion, and self differences. My art journey has all ways  been in the undercurrent of my life for as long as I can remember but was always over shadowed by sport, girls, partying and everything else involved with being a kid figuring this world out.

In middle school I started down a road of partying and substance abuse this started young around 12-13 in a search to belong I kept down that path until 2017 at the age of 22. I felt at my lowest in search of something more then that path I was on. A slippery down hill slop leading me no where but deeper into a pit that takes so many life’s each and every day. Early in 2017 on a day much like others prior, I was in my natural state at that time intoxicated or on anything I could get my hands on. It was a night of xanex and alcohol  a mixture knows to be a “blacked out” kinda of night. As I was blacked out something came threw and asked my father for help, pleading to help me in a drunken but clear whisper. And help me they did, within a week I was in a rehab in the redwoods of California...

After a few months I was faced with a new reality, a life I never knew a life out side of substance and the numbing to life. With this new found freedom I didn’t know what to do with my free time and something clicked to go back to drawing like I loved in middle school. I did a little drawing but then got triggered to paint. And paint I did I found something that gave me such a high a high I never knew, and a high with no drugs. One night while painting I felt the presence of past great artist in my room watching me, cheering me on as I tap into the flow state and discover the high that is life and creation it’s self. As the painting was coming to end and the energy slowly returning to normal I heard very clearly you “found it about time.” In that very moment with tears of wonder, joy and happiness running down my face hysterically laughing at the same time as I was crying.

 I then realized what I wanted to do and what i was meant to do in life. And that is to create art in all form as life is art and we are the artist. We have the ability to create the life of our dreams. Our body the paint brush our thoughts and imagination the paint and our earth the canvas. My mission is to inspire creativity in anyone who views my work, ignite emotions for the viewer to explore and to spark deep conversations that bring a deeper level of connection to one’s self and the world around them. The beautiful self that is walking threw life creating there existence as you read this. We are all artist and conscious creators, What will you create with today.

I use  bright saturated color mixed with movement texture and geometry and a intuitive process in my abstract painting infused with emotion and life energy each peace is as unique as each of us are, that also has its own energy that provokes a response in the human mind conscious and subconscious. A response that is received different by each viewer. Witch is what I hope to accomplish with my abstract work is to realize we all may see or fell something differently but it’s all the same painting, we need not to prove our point of view but rather respect the individual beauty that of each others views 

I also do visionary art as well, I receive pictures or messages in my minds eye provoked buy music life deep thought or just a word. These paintings all depict that interconnectedness of all human life. It explores spirt in all the way it’s speaks threw in the very life we live and air we breath.  With these paintings my mission is to ignite the inner flame that burns within all creation and humans. A call back to our creator and the Beauty of this very creation that is life. 

Randiesia Fletcher Painting

Randiesia Fletcher

Randiesia Fletcher 1080 758 The Tucson Gallery
Meet Randiesia Fletcher
The Tucson Gallery is Proud to Feature Local Artist Randiesia Fletcher


Tucson Gallery Podcast - Meet The Artist with Randiesia Fletcher
Tucson Gallery Podcast – Meet The Artist with Randiesia Fletcher

Randiesia’s Story

Randiesia Fletcher, M.Es is an Artist, Storyteller, and Social Entrepreneur specializing in Social, Cultural and Diverse Relationships. 

Randiesia grew up on Skid Row, Downtown Los Angeles, and subsequently joined the Marine Corps and later retired as a disabled veteran.

Currently, she strategizes with businesses, through storytelling, to explore a groups Emotional Intelligence, a process called Social Mindfulness. She is a friend to international communities where she provides advocacy and education and training. With an educational background, in Anthropology, Writing, and Education, she uses these skills to serve Arizona and the world around it.

Additionally, she teaches sustainability through urban farming, maintains a podcast, called Portraits of Sustainability.  Follow her @livng2portraits

Randiesia Fletcher paints the non-smiling face; a normal face, the face of contentment for every day people, particularly people in the Pan African community. It’s an expression to show that Black-skinned people do not have to smile to be excepted. Randiesia’s images express the ideas of W.E.B Dubois’s Double Consciousness- the dichotomy of how one sees themselves versus, how the world sees them through a lens of racism. There should be no fear in normal facial expressions... 

All Artworks by Randiesia

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