Tyler Bentley

Tyler Bentley

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Tyler Bentley - Artist with Tucson Gallery
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Tucson Gallery Podcast - Meet The Artist with Tyler Bentley
Tucson Gallery Podcast – Meet The Artist with Tyler Bentley

Tyler’s Story

My name is Tyler Bentley but my artist name I go by is New Hue. A play on words that means a new shade, a new color, a new HUEmanity one that extends beyond race, religion, and self differences. My art journey has all ways  been in the undercurrent of my life for as long as I can remember but was always over shadowed by sport, girls, partying and everything else involved with being a kid figuring this world out.

In middle school I started down a road of partying and substance abuse this started young around 12-13 in a search to belong I kept down that path until 2017 at the age of 22. I felt at my lowest in search of something more then that path I was on. A slippery down hill slop leading me no where but deeper into a pit that takes so many life’s each and every day. Early in 2017 on a day much like others prior, I was in my natural state at that time intoxicated or on anything I could get my hands on. It was a night of xanex and alcohol  a mixture knows to be a “blacked out” kinda of night. As I was blacked out something came threw and asked my father for help, pleading to help me in a drunken but clear whisper. And help me they did, within a week I was in a rehab in the redwoods of California...

After a few months I was faced with a new reality, a life I never knew a life out side of substance and the numbing to life. With this new found freedom I didn’t know what to do with my free time and something clicked to go back to drawing like I loved in middle school. I did a little drawing but then got triggered to paint. And paint I did I found something that gave me such a high a high I never knew, and a high with no drugs. One night while painting I felt the presence of past great artist in my room watching me, cheering me on as I tap into the flow state and discover the high that is life and creation it’s self. As the painting was coming to end and the energy slowly returning to normal I heard very clearly you “found it about time.” In that very moment with tears of wonder, joy and happiness running down my face hysterically laughing at the same time as I was crying.

 I then realized what I wanted to do and what i was meant to do in life. And that is to create art in all form as life is art and we are the artist. We have the ability to create the life of our dreams. Our body the paint brush our thoughts and imagination the paint and our earth the canvas. My mission is to inspire creativity in anyone who views my work, ignite emotions for the viewer to explore and to spark deep conversations that bring a deeper level of connection to one’s self and the world around them. The beautiful self that is walking threw life creating there existence as you read this. We are all artist and conscious creators, What will you create with today.

I use  bright saturated color mixed with movement texture and geometry and a intuitive process in my abstract painting infused with emotion and life energy each peace is as unique as each of us are, that also has its own energy that provokes a response in the human mind conscious and subconscious. A response that is received different by each viewer. Witch is what I hope to accomplish with my abstract work is to realize we all may see or fell something differently but it’s all the same painting, we need not to prove our point of view but rather respect the individual beauty that of each others views 

I also do visionary art as well, I receive pictures or messages in my minds eye provoked buy music life deep thought or just a word. These paintings all depict that interconnectedness of all human life. It explores spirt in all the way it’s speaks threw in the very life we live and air we breath.  With these paintings my mission is to ignite the inner flame that burns within all creation and humans. A call back to our creator and the Beauty of this very creation that is life. 

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