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Tucson GalleryA portal for the world to access Tucson’s modern, thought provoking and forward-thinking artists.

The mission of the Tucson Gallery is to support local artists by providing a space to show their art, a forum to engage with their audience, a virtual presence to connect with global patrons, an outlet to earn a fair price, and an opportunity to hone their business skills.  

This vision of the Tucson Gallery is to provide an entrepreneurial experience by which artists can generate income, allowing them more time to focus on their art.   The Tucson Gallery goes beyond the transactional relationship of maker and consumer to create visceral intersection of artist and patron.  Access to artists for presentations, mixers, videos, podcasts, and conversations will encourage an audience to engage with the artistic process and better appreciate the work.  The Tucson Gallery extends the talent of Tucson’s modern, thought provoking and forward-thinking artists to the entire world.  Tucson Gallery strives, with the physical and virtual spaces, to represent diversity of cultures, sexes, orientations, and races.  Tucson artists are connected by common threads; they are rooted in Tucson AZ, they are creative, and have something to lovingly share. The Tucson Gallery creates the opportunity to export their greatness to the local and global communities.

Located at 300 E Congress St.

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We Are Here

300 E Congress Street
Tucson AZ, 85701

When We’re Open:
Thursday 3-8
Friday 3-9
Saturday 11-9
Sunday 11-5.
Monday-Wednesday by appointment only

Please Send Inquiries To:

Email: [email protected]
Attn: Tony Ray Baker, Owner/Partner
Phone: (520) 631-TONY (8669)
The Tucson Gallery
at The Proper Shops
300 E Congress Street
Tucson AZ 85701
Sales and Press Inquiries: [email protected]

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