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Joe Pagac

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Joe Pagac
The Tucson Gallery is Proud to Feature Local Artist Joe Pagac


Tucson Gallery Podcast - Meet The Artist with Joe Pagac
Tucson Gallery Podcast – Meet The Artist with Joe Pagac

Joe’s Story

Hey! I’m Joe Pagac! I’m a muralist, fine artist, animator, illustrator, sculptor, and videographer. I’ve been working full time as an artist for nearly 20 years. I get to travel all over the country with it, meet amazing people, end up is strange and unique places, and get to make a small but lasting impression on the communities I get to paint for. Overall I really enjoy the heck out of what I do.

I’ve always love nature and the outdoors and I strive to bring that through in my art. I want people to appreciate the plants, animals, people and culture that surround us. I try to bring that out in my art and design my murals in a way that makes people smile when they see it.

I work a lot, but I try not to take life too seriously. 

I love living and working in Tucson because it is an extremely supportive city when it come to the arts...

Joe Pagac

Where did you grow up?

I was born and raised here in Tucson. It’s been really amazing to watch the city change over time and really fun to be a part of so many different projects over the years!

 Tell us about your family

I have a really supportive family. My mom really went out of her way to let us try everyting when we were kids so we could figure out what we were good at and passionate about. Both her and my dad took roads less traveled when it came to jobs, and seeing that growing up made anything feel possible. 

 Do you have pets, if yes, tell us about them

I don’t currently have pets. I travel too much for work and for fun. I live out in the desert and if I look outside there are always a ton of animals I can watch. When I have time I like to foster animals.

 When did you know that you would be an artist?

I was always good at art, but I have a lot of different interests. I still don’t know if I’m going to be an artist when I grow up, but I’m having a lot of fun with it right now!

 What is your favorite media to work with?

I like working big. I like paint. Murals is a natural fit for me. 

 What do you do when you’re not doing the voodoo that you do (Tom’s way of asking)? Or, what do you do when you’re not doing your art?

I love the outdoors. I camp, I bike, I travel and see new places, and I hike. I just finished hiking from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail. It took 5 1/2 months. Up next is a bicycle trip across all of Europe. I also like costume parties and throw those when I have the time.

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