Amber Pierson

Amber Pierson

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Tucson Gallery is Proud to Feature the Incredible Artwork of Amber Pierson
Tucson Gallery is Proud to Feature the Incredible Artwork of Amber Pierson

Amber’s Story

The mesmerizing charm of the Desert Southwest has captured my heart completely. The interplay of its enchanting light, resplendent colors, and profound cultural history serves as an endless source of inspiration for my paintings. Among the various artistic mediums at my disposal, I find myself wholly enchanted by the Colored Pencil. This versatile medium seamlessly merges my love of both drawing and painting, enabling me to express my passion with finesse and grace.

I hope you are as enchanted by the Southwest as I am.

Please find me at:
Instagram and Etsy: apersonsart

My motto: Nothing has more possibilities than where colors land!..

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Toronto, Canada

Tell us about your family

My parents are both Dutch. My mother was born almost smack in the middle of Amsterdam. My father was born in Indonesia when it was still a Dutch Colony. Unlucky for him he, was there when the Japanese invaded, and spent almost four years in Japanese Concentration camp. Dutch was actually my first language. My parents immigrated to Canada a year before I was born. I come from a very artistic family on my mom’s side. Both my Grandfather and Uncle were famous artists in the Netherlands. My Uncle had some work in the Portrait Gallery of the famous Rijksmuseum. My cousins are all well known artists as well. I am married and have two children. My oldest is a tech guy in San Francisco and my youngest is Jeweler in Tucson (Austin Pierson Jewelry). He also has some pieces in this Gallery. My husband is now retired, he worked in the mining business.

Fun fact, we met in Colombia South America, I was teaching and he was working in the mine. He is a Tucson native. That’s how I ended up living here and I love it!

Do you have pets, if yes, tell us about them

Yes! We have two dogs. Oreo is an English Pointer, and is getting on in years, yet can still drag me down the street. Radar is a Papillion and spoiled rotten! He always wants to play.

When did you know that you would be an artist?

I have always wanted to be an artist. I just had a lot of competition in my family and never felt good enough. I wanted to go to the Ontario College of Art, but wasn’t accepted. I was accepted at Sheridan College and York University for art. I chose to study Illustration at Sheridan College and did not like it at all. I was worried about feeding myself so I went into teaching instead. I continued drawing and took as many art courses as I could throughout my career. One day I had enough..quit my teaching job and decided to pursue my passion. Life is too short not to enjoy yourself!

What is your favorite media to work with?

My favorite Medium is the Colored Pencil. I love to draw and paint. This medium gives me the opportunity to draw in color. I call it drawpainting. The colored pencil is detail orientated and not a fast process, but I find it soothing. Occasionally I will combine it with other mediums such as inktense pencils, watercolors or the air brush.

What do you do when you’re not doing the voodoo that you do?

When I am not doing my art I enjoy the outdoors. I like to walk and hike. I also enjoy camping, fishing and traveling. I have a vegetable garden and am an avid lap swimmer.

Artworks by Amber Pierson

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